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Delivery Policy


General Guidelines and Statements

By clicking on the “Check Out” cart button, you agree that you have read, understood and accepted the 7Vapes Delivery Policy.

We appreciate your continued business and sincerely hope that you never experience any shipping problems. Please consider and understand that we as a company try to uphold the highest standards of customer service but on occasion can be let down by third-party shipping companies.

7Vapes does not hold any responsibility for any additional shipping costs such as duties, taxes, customs, clearance fees and/or any restrictions that countries have placed on products relating to electronic cigarettes. The customer must comply with all laws and regulations of the country that the order is being shipped to. We do not cover expenses in the event when you have to pay import duty stipulated in your country. We do not bear liability if a ban is imposed on importing electronic cigarettes and/or nicotine cartridges, and/or other electronic cigarette related products in your country.

Please make sure whether your country allows the import of electronic cigarettes, nicotine/nicotine free cartridges or other electronic cigarette parts before placing your order.

7Vapes does not bear liability in the event of delay of the goods in any force majeure circumstances. 7Vapes also takes no responsibility for items which are shipped successfully but fail to arrive due to the faults of the shipping company.


Fruits and other objects that are related to visually conveying the flavor of e-liquids (shortfills) and flavor concentrates are not part of the product/package that is being advertised.


Shipping information

All international orders and most of the shipment inside Norway are shipped via Posten.

Estimated delivery time to your country and estimated shipping costs depend on the delivery location. We try our best to send out all shipments as soon as possible once the order is placed.

For Norway the rough estimate is 2 – 5 work days.

Please allow up to 30 days of shipping time due to variable shipping delays from Posten. We cannot guarantee delivery time for a third-party service. If your package has not arrived in 30 days please contact us.

For the rest of Europe: 1 – 2 weeks. Please note that your package may be taken in by customs at the border for a routine inspection. This will certainly delay the delivery.

Shipping outside of the Euro-zone may take from 30 to 60 days.



Please note that when you order to Norway from Sweden, you will purchase VAT-free from us, but you may have to pay additional fees and VAT to the Norwegian Customs. All packages with a total value (including shipping) over 350 NOK will be charged at 25% of the original value, which corresponds to the VAT we do not charge you.

Please use the following link to calculate the total cost of your order: